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Research shows us that 78% of people buy from the first person they speak to. It also tells us that online enquiries peak while your dealership is closed. With Calldrip you can engage prospects in conversation within seconds of them making an online enquiry - even out-of-hours.

Calldrip allows you to respond to online enquiries within seconds of them being sent. When your own sales team is not available our proven out-of-hours services can respond, setting appointments on your behalf and taking prospects out of the market.

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Analysis of the hundreds of thousands of enquiries we see each day reveals that car buying interest peaks between 6.00pm and 9.00pm - when most dealerships are closed. With Calldrip you've got it covered, engaging prospects in conversation while their interest is piqued.

With 95% of all purchasing decisions now beginning with online research, can you afford to keep prospective customers waiting for your call?


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How does Calldrip work?

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A customer fills out any form of digital lead enquiry. Calldrip converts that enquiry into an inbound telephone call.

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The inbound call is routed to the people you choose, with the option for your whole sales team to receive each lead. A team member simply presses 1 to be connected to the call.

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The sales executive hears the customer's details.

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Calldrip connects your sales executive with the customer. This whole process takes around 30 seconds.

FACT: The first sales person to make phone contact has a minimum 238% better chance at setting an appointment than the second sales person to respond. Request a demonstration of Calldrip today.

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