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I am a freelance creative with more than 26 years of experience working at advertising and deisgn agencies large and small. I am an award winning website designer, copywriter and conceptual creative, with experience across many different sectors. I also hold MSc (By Research) and BSc (Hons) degrees in psychology, with particular expertise in how people use language to construct themselves and the world around them. Constructing a brand identity, or cogent brand messaging, is no different.

If you require a service that I don’t provide (Social media advertising, PPC, Google Analytics, print or media buying) there’s a good chance I work with someone who can provide it.

Why use a freelance creative over an agency?

In the words of a long-term client: “I can brief you on a job and know we’ll get it out the door in 24-48 hours. With the agency who supplied our website I’ll wait 10 days for them to reply to my email let alone start the job”. I’m quicker, cheaper, and will create something just as good (if not better). There’s a heirarchy within agencies with the ‘sexy’ work reserved for senior creative teams. Whether you sell top end audio equipment, heavy industrial equipment, or mattresses to prevent bed sores, I view every brief as an opportunity to be creative. I’ve won dozens of creative awards and, being a small business owner myself, I’m acutely aware that the type of work that awards juries love isn’t necessarily what your customers respond to. Creativity can be applied to your offers, how you couch your unique selling proposition (USP), or even where you connect with prospective customers. My goal is always to help you get the most from your budget.

Some of my clients have worked with me for close to 20 years. I think that speaks volumes to the value I add to their businesses. Whether you have a project in mind or just need to better understand the challenges your business faces, get in touch to arrange an informal Zoom call.

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