Email Marketing  Amgrace/Bang & Olufsen

One of many email marketing campaigns I’ve produced for a number of Bang & Olufsen dealers. Marketing emails are often viewed like the uninvited guest at dinner – they better be good company to earn their seat at the table. Simple, single minded messaging and a premium look and feel set these emails apart from unsolicited SPAM. Regular calls to action offer the reader an opportunity to book a demonstration. And of course with most emails being read first on a mobile, the design is opitmised for small screens.

I offer a complete email marketing solution – from copywriting to coding.

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All About Email Marketing

The two key advantages of emails over traditional print based direct marketing are cost and analytics. With a second class stamp now costing 85p even a modest mailshot is going to cost you a tidy sum even before you’ve briefed a designer or fallen off your chair at the cost of printing it. And let’s not forget that all those mailers need to be packed into envelopes and addressed. Yes, it can be done by a maching but it’s an additional cost.

In contrast, email marketing costs pennies to send. There is a cost involved in designing and building your email, but these are no more than you’d be paying a designer to create a flyer or mini-brochure. The biggest strength of an email direct marketing campaign over print direct mail is the analytics. Email broadcast systems like Campaign Monitor and MailChimp provide reports of who opened your email, who unsubscribed, who marked it as SPAM, and who clicked on which link. You’ll know exactly what return you are getting on your investment and, more importantly, you’ll have data that lets you convert warm leads into sales.