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WordPress Websites

WordPress powers more websites across the world than any other platform. Below are a selection of WordPress based websites that I have created. To discuss your own WordPress website get in touch today.

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Champion Forklifts

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Why a WordPress website?

Why choose WordPress for your website? The short answer is that it’s a proven, cost-effective way to build a website. As of July 2024 around 43% of the world’s websites use WordPress as their content management system (CMS) – the dashboard that lets you add or edit content without having to write code. There are a few different ways of using WordPress: .com or .org. is a hosted website, in other words they store the files that make up your website on their servers. Depending on your plan (how much you are paying) different features will be available to you. lets you download the files and host your website anywhere you choose. This is the type of websites I design and build. It offers clients complete freedom and control over their website.

WordPress Themes

WordPress itself is free to download. To build a website you’ll need a theme. WordPress comes with several free blogging themes built in. To create something like a business website you’ll need something offering more features. I personally use the Avada theme. It’s the world’s most popular theme, incredibly reliable, and comes with decent support in the rare event that there is a problem. Avada uses its own page builder that lets you add pretty much any type of content that works on theweb. Unlike page builders like Elementor, the Avada page builder isn’t from a third party so there are never conflicts or delays for updates when WordPress issues a major update.

Hosting Your Website

Hosting refers to where the files that make up your website are stored. When people visit your domain – – the files are sent to their browser. There are many companies offering web hosting. Big companies like GoDaddy will offer you hosting for next to nothing to get you onboard as a customer. This lowe cost is reflected in the quality of their product and the support they (fail to) provide. Your website will share a server with as many other websites as they can git on the server. If all the sites get busy, all the sites slow down. If you want the support of a large company I recommend SiteGround for hosting. If you aren’t technically savvy (if FTP, PHP, SQL are random letters to you then I’m talking about YOU) then I recommend a local (to me) hosting provider. Not only does he offer a quality product to rival the big boys, he also speaks plain English as fluently as he speaks techno.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a website is – surprise, surprise – dependent on a few factors. The number of pages is the most obvious one. Content such as images and video are also a factor. As a guide prices start from a few hundred pounds for the design and build. To find out more get in touch today.