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If you are looking for a new, or even your first, website then you’re probably already questioning if you get away with not having one. I sympathise, but hopefully can offer some clarity on the options available to you. First of all let’s dispell the myth that companies like Wix let anyone build a great website. I have met numerous people who started building a website with Wix but no one who has managed to finish one (hence calling me). My biggest critcism of Wix is that it does’t build a responsive website – one that scales and adapts to the size of the screen that your visitors are viewing your site on. Wix requires you to create a separate layout for mobile devices – twice the work and effectively you are creating two sites: one for desktop and one for mobile. That’s twice the work. And two sites that you need to optimise in order to rank highly on Google and other search engines. In other words, your Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation used to be considered a dark art rather than a science. I know there are companies out there who will still try to convince you that this is the case, and only they truly know what lays behind the wizard’s curtain at Google HQ, so only they can get you on the coveted first page of the search results. It’s not true. Google is guarded about how it ranks sites but it shares enough information to get your website ranking highly. I don’t charge extra for Search Engine Optimisation because I consider it a core element of the functionality of any website I build.

So who do you get to design and build (separate skills) your new website? You probably know someone who has a son or daughter who wants to be a web designer or is studying web design. That’s one option, but ask yourself how much business experience they can share with you. Similarly, how many clients have they worked with? People quite naturally tend to focus only on their own industry and competitors. I work across many sectors – from retail and business-to-business, to automotive and healthcare, hospitality to legal practitioners – and can apply the learnings of each of these sectors to your business.

I have more than 25 years of experience working at agencies large and small. I am an award winning website designer, copywriter and conceptual creative, with experience across many different sectors. I also hold MSc (By Research) and BSc (Hons) degrees in psychology, with particular expertise in how people use language to construct themselves and the world around them. Constructing a brand identity, or cogent brand messaging, is no different.

If you require a service that I don’t provide (Pay per Click (PPC), Google Analytics, Facebook advertising) there’s a good chance I work with someone who can provide it.

Some of my clients have worked with me for close to 20 years. I think that speaks volumes to the value I add to their businesses. Whether you have a project in mind or just need to better understand the challenges your business faces, get in touch to arrange an informal Zoom call.

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